I provide high quality, tailored, intensive and enjoyable training workshops to structural design teams to develop their skills to take on the most complex of design challenges. The Structural Drawing Office is an authorised training provider for Tekla Structures, and I work closely with Trimble to ensure the workshops deliver specialist content in line with the latest software developments and industry best practices.

The two main topics I cover are Tekla Structures and Steelwork Draughting Best Practice. To read more about what clients have to say about my tailored training solutions, have a look at the case study at the bottom of the page, or get in touch with me directly to discuss how a tailored training workshop can support your business, my contact details are here.

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Tekla Structures Workshops

I work closely with Trimble as their Authorised Training Provider to support businesses that may be adopting the software for the first time, or have new members of staff who need to hit the ground running and be productive quickly. Sometimes businesses want to up-skill their design teams to increase their efficiency in Tekla Structures and drawing production, or just need a refresher on some complex or new features.

Steelwork Draughting Best Practice Workshops

These bespoke sessions are intensive and detailed. Delegates finish the course able to develop clear, concise and accurate Steelwork. The logic is simple, if you can learn to create a fully constructible drawing from scratch of the most challenging and complex geometries and arrangements from real world projects, you can apply that to anything, from moment connections to nodes and everything in between.

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Training Case Study

Worley’s Tekla Structures adoption and training

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